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About the Cadre


Originating from the east coast, Nick left home at 18 when he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He served 5 years and eventually settled out on the west coast. During his time in service he took a personal interest in nutrition noticing how it affected his performance and combat readiness. After being honorably discharged he earned his Bachelor of Science B.S., in Foods & Nutrition, then completed his clinical internship and tested for the RDN credential. After years of practice he also became a board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. He now calls San Diego his home because he enjoys tacos, IPAs, and surfing so much more than digging his car out of the snow back east.

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Real talk is all you'll get from me. The advice I offer is derived from actual research, not TV shows, blogs, or magazines. That said I'll always give you the "why" to everything I promote. You have questions about your lifetime of trial and error with dieting; I have answers. Together we'll develop a lifestyle not diet that fits YOU and all the cool shit you do. 

For those looking to get in better shape.  I am what one would refer to as a nutrition moderate, for I'm a firm believer that you can keep both 6-packs. I'll never tell you to eliminate an entire food group  or alcohol. There is a way to make all foods fit on your plate. With my expertise, I'll guide you towards a realistic approach and show you how to eat for the day.