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Nutrition Cadre

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Who I Work With

Endurance Athletes

Nick has personally run half way across the country and practices what he preaches regarding nutrition for the endurance athlete. He knows from personal experience and his education in sports nutrition what works best for ultra runners, triathletes, marathon runners, and cyclists.

Gym Rats, Powerlifters, & CROSSFIT Athletes

You can't out-train bad nutrition. Whether you're trying to build muscle, shed fat, or make it through the WOD, Nick provides evidence based nutrition at the professional level.

Pipe Hitters & First Responders

Nick works with service members including Special Operations Forces and those aspiring to be. He understands the needs of these warriors and the hardships they face while not having the luxury of grocery stores, kitchens, or restaurants. 

 20% off all services for military and first responder personnel

Everyone Else

Whether you're a busy parent, young professional, student, retired or anyone else simply looking to improve their health/fitness by means of realistic approaches through nutrition. Really, I'm here to help all walks of life.  


I was unsure whether I’d be able to meet my goal, but Nick encouraged me to just focus on hunger, eating when I need to, and eating the right kinds of food based on my activity level for the day. It was very helpful and I’m happy to say that after 8 weeks I lost 4.2 lbs of fat and put on 2.6 lbs of muscle.
— Tania R
I feel great! I never feel bloated or puffy any more. I get to eat bread again which has helped me to stop binge eating it on “cheat days”. There are no more “cheat days” because I eat what I feel like eating and 90% of the time do my best to make good whole food choices
— Ashley S